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* * Eva Driot * *

Born in 1963 in Paris, France

Originally from Corsica

Now living in French Polynesia,
in Cook's bay in Moorea

School of Fashion Design in Paris.
B.F.A. at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with emphasize in black and white photography and Art Metals.
Art Déco School of Nice, France, emphasize in Painting.
Arrival in Moorea

While in U.W.O., won several photo contest, and was published in "The Wisconsin Magazine of Art".

Painting Exhibirions in Papeete and Moorea, French Polynesia, and in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Artistic path

"...Eva Driot has been painting for twenty years during which time she also expressed. Her creativity through diverse media. Her Grand mother was a painter, and thus very early in life Eva developed a strong interest and love for the Arts.

For six years while attending school in the United states she concentrated in black and white photography, spending her nights in the darkroom and her days taking photographs. During this time she was commissioned for various publications in Wisconsin Art Magazine. Although dedicated to photography it lacked the direct physical sensations she longed for and so, for two years, she explored her fascination for metals and jewelry until she returned to France in 1985.

At the "Arts Décoratifs de Nice" school, she resumed painting, working at first in black and white ink, reminiscent of her photographic compositions. Slowly, as she felt the importance and seriousness of her attraction to colors she began to explore using soft pastels. Shy and intimidated, she waited until she could no longer postpone the journey into the world of color, which she now inhabits.

Eva Driot has exhibited in Wisconsin, in French Polynesia, and France; she is now concentrating on acrylics, using canvas support. She lives in Moorea, French Polynesia, where she enjoys all the tropical vibrant colors, the bright light. Although not always depicting the tropics directly, her paintings are bathed by the tropical influence. ..."

Artist statement

My love story,

Colors and rhe desire to create are the sources of my works. The colors themselves guide and lead towards emotion. My paintings are meant to serve the color. Colors' alchemy… "they" know so well how to touch the soul, leaving aside the intellect.

In my work, time plays an important role. It is through time that freedom can be reached. Along with dedicated work, time "brings mastery, and helps to overcome technical challenges. I take all the liberty, and give myself the time to try everything. This enables me to learn, and I find time. Time gives one's work a new perspective.

The quest for freedom is pivotal, time is essential; how many times does one need to redo things before reaching a satisfying spontaneity?
  • To forget the intellect and experience one's own painting.
  • To take the time to understand, and to come closer to oneself?
  • To rediscover the first emotion, which was fleeting and barely felt.
I am inspired by Matisse Klimt, Kandisky, Morandi, Milton Avery, Bonnard, and many others. Art is self-reinforcing and it exists in all visual signals which pass by.

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